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A paid servant, especially one who has been employed for many years. A fee one pays to reserve the other's' time for services. This lawyer charges a retainer for his work. dentistry A device that holds teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.
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They dont change in size, but your teeth can shift. Please wear your retainer as prescribed by the doctor to prevent shifting. The longer you have been out of braces, the less often you will be required to wear them.
Retainer Fee Definition.
Earned retainer fees, on the other hand, refer to the portion of the retainer that the lawyer is entitled to after work begins. Earned retainer fees may be granted to the lawyer bit by bit, depending on the number of hours worked.
retainer Dictionary Definition:
A retainer is something that holds something else in place. After your braces are removed, a retainer keeps your teeth from moving out of their new perfect position. Professionals like lawyers or consultants are paid a retainer, which is a fee.
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Edit your retainer to update the basic details of the retainer, as well as the period template which is used to build new periods. The process of editing a retainer is identical to adding a retainer. Please see Add a Retainer for more details.
Your Guide to Wearing a Retainer.
Your retainer is going to end up with a lot plaque, bacteria and leftover food particles stuck on it, an expected hazard of being in your mouth all day, so it is important to always keep your retainer clean and fresh.
RETAINER definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The firm retained White as a consultant, paying him a 5000, retainer. get/be on/receive a retainer Penn's' firm is on a retainer of 15000, to 20000, per month. An elite 15% of all headhunters are on retainer, reaping two-thirds of their pay up front.

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